Week 6, 18 February (17:00-19:00 Watson 310)

Study group: HoTT chapter 2

Speaker: Alex Jones (Birmingham) and Richard Kaye (Birmingham)
Truth and collection in nonstandard models of PA (slides)


We give a short overview of satisfaction classes and truth for nonstandard sentences, an present some ideas relating to adding collection axioms to the theory of satisfaction classes in a way that is conservative over PA.

About the seminar

The Midlands Logic Seminar was founded in 2011 and aims to cover all areas of mathematical logic, as well as related areas of theoretical computer science, and philosophy of mathematics.


All meetings for Term 2, 2013-14 will be Tuesday from 17:00-19:00 in room 310 of Watson Building (School of Mathematics) on the campus of the University of Birmingham.
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    To get to campus, take the train from Birmingham New Street to the University stop (7 minutes).


    Dr Richard Kaye
    School of Mathematics
    University of Birmingham


    Dr Walter Dean
    Department of Philosophy
    University of Warwick